Tradition and Metal Gear Solid V


I’m terribly conflicted about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. On the one hand, this is Metal Gear, surely, in some respect. A perfectly self-serious plot dabbling with bouts of sheer silliness (and giant fire whales). A whole lot of stealth, and various means to encourage stealth. Lots and…

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Podcast #78 – Witcher Booty


No, not that kind. Horse butts. That’s what I mean. So, about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt…how much sex is really in this thing? How about sex in video games in general? So what should Christians do about it? Zach, Ted, Bryan, and Justin talk about it! Topics include soul…

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Podcast #77 – “Christian” Games


What makes a Christian game? Zach, Bryan, Justin, and Clauson talk about it! Race the Sun, Rez, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Ground Zeroes, Peace Walker, Destiny, PS Vita, PS TV, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IX’s awful BradyGames Guide, Clash of Clans,…

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Theology Gaming’s Best of 2014

Best In Show

Here is our best of for the year 2014. Enjoy! (or listen to our podcast!) Best Game That Is Resident Evil 4 – The Evil Within Best Slicing-Dudes-Like-Butter Game – Strider Best HD Re-release That Is Full Price – Halo: Master Chief Collection Most Ironic Title For A Game People…

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