Video Game Guide Collection Part 4: BradyGames Yellow Label Guides (Early 2000s)

Back when BradyGames still had their older logo affixed on the binding of every guide, accompanied with a garish yellow trim, it looked something like this:



Ah, nostalgia. So it is that I somehow talk for twenty minutes about guides made in that era (and one NOT made in that era, but it’s a special edition so it gets a very special pass for no reason). The majority of this is accurate, though who knows what. Watching this and using the information lying therein about Bradygames, or any games Bradygames covers is not legally binding. Some of the information about Bradygames may cause your game system to explode. Theology Gaming does not offer warranties on Bradygames products.


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  • How far did you get in Baten Kaitos? What did you think of the game overall? I remember picking it up on Cube well after the appropriate life-cycle. I thought it was okay. But my roommate busted through all 80 hours or whatever it was. Dude was a total trooper. Then I saw him get up to the final boss and quit. He tried it a few times, of course. But it’s kinda his MO to quit on final bosses, “it’s about the journey” he says.

    • Zachery Oliver

      I played it exactly once for about two hours. Honestly, I didn’t get it. I will try again someday, probably.

      • Sounds about right. I didn’t like the card-based combat system. And longform turn-based RPGs aren’t high on my list anymore.

        • Zachery Oliver

          Haha, I hear you. It was really strange; I hear the sequel makes it much more intuitive, but it’s becoming pretty rare.