Video Game Guide Collection Part 1: Nintendo Official Player’s Guide

You know what? It’s almost my birthday, and it’s summer here where I live, so why not take a couple days off?

I mean, NOT REALLY take a few days off. But certainly go for something a little different. If you know my writing, I am intentionally self-effacing when it comes to my written expression, so people probably wonder about me. Youtube collection videos run all the rage on the site, so why not do one myself? Materialism ahoy! First up: Nintendo Official Player’s Guide. They’re wonderful (and old). Just in case the embed doesn’t work, here’s the link.

Due to a lack of concern and/or inexperience, I had to blot a few out, so here’s pictures to make up the difference (not by me). My bad; I totally forgot that they slap your address right on top of them when they sent them to my house, so excuse the video. The later entries, due to me buying them in stores, probably won’t have that problem.

Goldeneye Nintendo Official Player's Guide

Nintendo Official Player's Guide


Nintendo Power Advance 1

Send me some feedback about how you liked it and whatnot; there’s definitely more to come!

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  • Ted Loring

    I don’t know why, but I can watch these types of videos for hours. Your players guide collection is FAR more extensive than mine. My son is 19 now, but when he was in his formative stages he would pore over every players guide I had. I still remember buckling him up in the back seat and handing him one of his beloved guides. Like yours, many of them are worn with love.

    • Zachery Oliver

      I don’t know why collection videos are entertaining, but it’s always interesting to watch. Just seeing other people’s tastes and finds works for me.

      A lot of the guide collection is just stuff I got as a kid, so it’s not really collecting, but I’ve been buying the ones I want recently.

      You inspired me to do this, actually! I’ve got at least 3 more already recorded, so I will get to the bottom of the video game collection (after all these guides!) at some time!

      • That Goldeneye Guide is golden. Bad pun. True story. Taught me all about inching around corners and getting the jump on guys, being the first FPS I played that let me shoot humans in the head. Well, at least specifically. Forgot about Wolfenstein 3D.