TG Sessions #1


We’re some cool cats. So sometimes we free jam on topics, one-on-one, free-styling our way through topics. So why not add a jazz feel of improvisation? We call them the Theology Gaming Sessions, a bit of an experiment. We pick three topics, we riff on them. Also, I really like jazz and figured I’d make it jazzy. Music tracks are Albino and Circumspection, provided by Brian Boyko, who you can contact at

This time Joshua Cauller and Bryan Hall talk about dark and depressing games, the concept of agency, and games that help you grow as a person. Specifics include Tomb Raider, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, God of War, Cormac McCarthy, The Road, Fallout 3, The Berm, Civilization V, Humble Bundles, Super Mario Galaxy, World of WarCraft, GameCell, Spaceteam, To the Moon, NEW CONSOLES, and Denzel Washington.

TG Sessions #1

Errata: Thomas Henshell wrote the article Violence in Video Games Part 6: Who Am I When I Play?

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