TG Sessions #9 – Cheapness (I.e., You’re Not Special)

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Zach and Nathan Marchand discuss: what is cheapness? How do we determine what’s fair and unfair in single-player and multiplayer games?

We prattle on about Gameshark, Pokemon, Contra, Batman: Arkham Origins, Grand Theft Auto, lag switching, camping, spawn points, Call of Duty, Starcraft, Virtua Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., WWE All-Stars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, World of WarCraft, Magic: The Gathering, Blazblue,

About Zachery Oliver

Zachery Oliver, MTS, is the lead writer for Theology Gaming, a blog focused on the integration of games and theological issues. He can be reached at viewtifulzfo at gmail dot com or on Theology Gaming’s Facebook Page.
  • I love the picture for this podcast. I always thought that if Dr. Wily wanted to destroy MegaMan that badly, all he had to do was throw a pin cushion at him because spikes seem to be his kryptonite. 😛

  • Mikel Withers

    I cheat. I play some Paradox Interactive games, Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron III… if I didn’t use console cheats most of the game would be spent waiting. Really, most of the time is spent waiting anyway, but it would be worse.
    My cheating habit started with a Game Shark for the 8bit NES, and a game called “Panzer General”. I just used the ‘infinite turn’ cheat, and I could get a good chunk of my army super experienced and even get updated equipment…think: TIgerII tanks invading Poland. Good fun.
    The game I play more than any other is World of Tanks, and they do a good job keeping balance pretty good. If a tank performs too well, they nerf it, if a tank is horrible they (sometimes) buff it. The one thing they do poorly is they penalize one class of tank (self propelled artillery) to the verge of uselessness.

    • Zachery Oliver

      You are such a cheater! I can understand with those kinds of games (although I’m curious what parts are time consuming, and whether skipping those affects the actual results of the game).

      Balance is really hard to obtain in asymmetrical games, though. Blizzard also nerfs overpowered classes to the ground in PvP for World of WarCraft, and it seems like they often overcompensate for the customers rather than good game design.

      • Mikel Withers

        Those games have a speed scale, and if you could triple the rate of time going by, they might be acceptable, as it is, you wait for an hour to build up the gold to make the building you need to advance or sit there for half an hour as the numbers slowly change for a city-siege (there is no interactivity for combat). You can’t skip the slow parts, they are the game itself. If I was still a kid, and had all of summer vacation to obsess over a game, I don’t think I’d mind, but at my age I’d rather get something done.
        Let me put it this way: if the game were any slower, or had slightly different auto-pause settings, it would be like a browser game that you check on two or three times a day, enter some commands and walk away from.

  • Mikel Withers

    Okay, this isn’t cheating, but is a team of 3 mimes, a dancer and a bard “cheap” on FF Tactics?