TG Sessions #5 – Youth, Video Games, and The Church

Phew, that’s pretty exhaustive. Zach and Justin talk about how the intergenerational gap between Church members is cause for concern, and possibly how to fix it in this (obviously, considering our focus here) important pop culture arena.

Topics include encouragement, video games in a Christian context, pop culture in general, rebellion, pastors, youth groups, authority, nostalgia, video games as a negative force, addiction, television, video game ministries and the Church, worship, The Blurch (i.e., “black church”), generation gaps, the Information Age, evangelism, ministry, excommunication, interracial marriage (SERIOUSLY), and a whole lot more!

TG Sessions 5


Albums: Too Close and Near’n’Hear the clouds by Akh-Point (Get it at Jamendo)

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