Monday Update – Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim – Pacific Rim is a giant bowl of monster madness, summer blockbuster style. Guillermo del Toro’s team take the fun parts of Godzilla movies – namely, that large creatures or robots fight each other in a huge metropolis – while injecting standard action hero tropes into a huge…

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The “Emo” Japanese Game: Final Fantasy and Psychological Deception (Part 4)


Part 1 – Origins and Buddhism Part 2 – Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 3 – Hideaki Anno and The Culture Gap Part 4 – Final Fantasy and Psychological Deception for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God. – 1 Peter 1:23 So…

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Video Game Guide Collection Part 2: Early Prima Games and Bradygames Guides

Bradygames Final Fantasy VII Squaresoft Guide

Hey, I’m nothing if not comprehensive! No weird addresses or things to that effect blurred out. Just some guy talking about video games for about ten minutes. The next videos, somehow, are even LONGER than this, so get used to my lovely voice. This time, I talk about Squaresoft’s lovely white…

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Review: Xenogears (* star)

TL;DR – Xenogears is a plot focused game; if the plot doesn’t work, than neither does the game. That is unforunately the case here. Though having an excellent plot in its first disc, literally fall apart in the second due to being extremely incomplete. What remains doesn’t inspire; the battle…

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The Fall of Seiken Densetsu – Part 2

Part 1 located here. Keying off of the first entry in this series, I’ve thought a great deal about criticism and how Christians should work in this vein. Is there a time for critical thought and thinking? Absolutely. But, and please correct me or say otherwise if you disagree, Christians…

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