Podcast #88 – Player Agency

player agency

What’s player agency, anyway? Let’s disagree on opinions of concepts with Zach and Josh! Topics include Call of Duty, John Price, SOMA, Vin Diesel body-shaming, Metal Gear Solid V, hamburgers, planning, Wittgenstein, pie, video game trailers, Bayonetta, Shenmue, God of War, Shadow of Mordor, Ikaruga, and Radiant Silvergun (yep, somehow).…

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Monday Update – From Ritual to Romance

From Ritual to Romance

Ever since reading Wittgenstein, I’ve been wary of attributing “origins” to facets of religious experience. For whatever reason, academic studies sees fit to understand it and see it as an error, finding a primeval origin for the basic building blocks of any religious system. In other words, if it finds…

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Wittgenstein and the Language of God Part 3 – Re-evaluations and Conclusions


Re-evalutation of the Tractatus These essential points about Wittgenstein’s religious background and understanding of the world are mostly ignored in the Tractatus-Logico Philosophicus. As one can observe, to say that Wittgenstein denies the existence of God or religious beliefs is simply wrong. All of his prior religious education must have…

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Wittgenstein and the Language of God Part 2 – Christian Faith and Notebooks


Wittgenstein and the Christian Faith Wittgenstein tended to view every problem “from a religious point of view” because of his Christian background. Wittgenstein was engrossed in Christian belief and theology for the first eighteen years of his life.1 He received an education in the vocational sense – he was taught…

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Wittgenstein and the Language of God Part 1 – Christian Theology


Introduction What Wittgenstein did not realize in the writing of the Tractatus-Logico Philosophicus was that he was actually talking about the language of God. Such a perfect language could only exist for the capabilities of a perfect being, and in my view, the only perfect being is God. Unintentionally, Wittgenstein’s proof to…

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