TG Sessions #4 – Rarities and Obscurities, Square-Enix Style!

Zach and Justin talk about obscure game that we’ve played that we want other people to play. Or, really, we just ramble on about a bunch of stuff. Topics include Galerians, tank controls, puzzles in games, the pronunciation of “Noel”, Final Fantasy XIII-2,  BABBAGE’S, Final Fantasy VII, Tobal No. 1, the…

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Chrono Trigger Book Club #1 – TG Sessions

Bryan Hall has never played Chrono Trigger in its entirety. We intend to change that! Inspired by GameChurch’s playthrough, we’ve decided to do our own. Feel free to join us! We talking about the battle system (specifically Active Time Battle), whip-smart pacing, “fun”, light-hearted plot (even in the midst of…

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The Falsehood of Quantification of Self

Ridge Racer 6 World Xplorer

I wrote about achievements a while back, and my opinion remains decidedly negative. That does not preclude, however, that I, as a human being, am prone to pursuing them anyway within the context of the video game’s objectives. To give a particular example: Ridge Racer 6 presents a rather tough…

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Video Game Guide Collection Part 3: Modern Day Prima Games Guides

Prima Games

Ok, I promise this is the last one I will post as a primary thing. If anything, videos will be posted alongside the written content UNLESS they actually contain something meaningful and in-depth. And honestly, it’s my birthday tomorrow so cut me some slack. But here’s all the Prima Games…

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