Review: Ninja Gaiden II (*** stars): Improvements

Ninja Gaiden II picture

Introduction Improvements Downfalls Conclusions Warning: Explicitly Violent Images Ahead. You Have Been Warned. That, of course, is exactly what Ninja Gaiden II does. Ninja Gaiden adds to most of those elements, if not more, with The Power of Next-Gen Consoles!  If Ninja Gaiden required precision, then Ninja Gaiden II emphasizes…

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Review: Ninja Gaiden II (*** stars): Introduction

Ninja Gaiden II

Introduction Improvements Downfalls Conclusions Ninja Gaiden II must be one of the most exhausting, grueling game experiences I’ve played in a long time. It contains elements that frequently strike me as brilliant, while also saddling itself with all sorts of problems that dampen their overall effect. It presents an incredibly…

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