Theology Gaming Monologues – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Why do I like Symphony of the Night more than Super Metroid? What blasphemy! Listen to my miserable pile of secrets as I regale you about it! Download Link iTunes Link

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Podcast #77 – “Christian” Games


What makes a Christian game? Zach, Bryan, Justin, and Clauson talk about it! Race the Sun, Rez, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Ground Zeroes, Peace Walker, Destiny, PS Vita, PS TV, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IX’s awful BradyGames Guide, Clash of Clans,…

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Review: Valdis Story – Abyssal City (** stars) (Part 2)


That goes for the equipment too. Seriously, my first upgrade in terms of equipment came about two hours into the game, and even then the effect just didn’t really change things all that much. Further, the upgrading shops (in towns) are spread between several locations, and since the towns sprawl…

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