The Beatitudes and The Bouncer

The first year of a new video game system, contrary to the modern era, always brought anticipation and excitement. There wasn’t the dread of paying hundreds of dollars for infinitesimal graphical improvements; you were participating in the next generation.  This isn’t solely the role of video gamers; the developers, finding…

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Review: Final Fantasy XIII (**** stars) Part 4


Part 3 So, you arrange each of your characters into these six role, up to six Paradigm setups in a Paradigm Deck. You can choose any assortment or allotment of classes, from three Ravagers to three Medics (though, quite honestly, a good mix of stuff is usually the most helpful).…

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Review: Final Fantasy XIII (**** stars) Part 3


Part 2 Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XIII lacks a “hook” in the narrative sense. If you’re not used to this sort of story, or simply dismiss it as “JRPG” schlock, I wouldn’t blame you. My irrational enjoyment of the Final Fantasy series usually powers me through the initial few hours, because…

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