Podcast #96 – Discernment Is Broken


Let’s talk about discernment and discerning content in video games! Simple, but complex… Topics include Christian schools and communities, heavy metal, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Mass Effect, Fox News, PluggedIn, The Hateful Eight, legalism, Killer Is Dead, The Last of Us, Spec Ops: The Line, Hotline Miami, Grand Theft Auto V,…

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Podcast #66 – Artistry in Game Invasion (Kind Of)!

artistry in games logo

Download Link iTunes Link Artistry in Games invades Theology Gaming’s podcast! Oh no! Well, less incendiary than I make it sounds, but this has to be the biggest, most rambly podcast ever. The topics technically are Game Length and Games You Like That Nobody Else Does, Topics include Gears of…

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Review: Metal Gear Solid (**** stars) (Part 3)


Spoilers, Beware! Read Part 2 Before This! Furthermore, since the game begins as a relatively straightforward spy-thriller, you honestly imagine that you’ve got a grip on the universe. The undercurrent of realism lasts until Psycho Mantis pops in to say hello and all hell breaks loose. By introducing weird elements…

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How Spec Ops The Line Disobeys Rule Number One of Storytelling

Spec Ops: The Line supposedly approached military action with grace and nuance, questioning our role as trigger-pullers. It starts out strong in that respect. But by the end, only one thing is clear: what we witness during our several hours of play isn’t what really happened. Unreliable narration added a…

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