SNES Collection (Missing Super Mario World)


What do you write about post-Christmas? Well, nothing! You play games, duh, So I made one of those collection videos. I know, I know, I sold out and all that jazz. Somehow, I also missed Super Mario World, seeing as it’s actually inside the SNES system itself. So it’s a…

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Review: Kirby’s Adventure (*** stars)


  Kirby’s Adventure places itself in a strange middle ground between two fabulous Game Boy games. I already sung the praises of Kirby’s Dream Land, a simplistic platformer that didn’t redefine the rules of the genre but certainly polished them to a wonderful (and delightfully cute) sheen. Dream Land 2…

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Game Music Saturdays – Forever Famicom

[bandcamp album=668277847 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=F59F00 size=grande] I’ve written previously about Random, a.k.a. MegaRan, a.k.a. Raheem Jarbo, specifically the Black Materia album (and wow, did I write that a long time ago). However, I’ve waited on dropping the funds on some of the other albums. Thank God for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! Forever Famicom…

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