Theology Gaming Monologues – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Why do I like Symphony of the Night more than Super Metroid? What blasphemy! Listen to my miserable pile of secrets as I regale you about it! Download Link iTunes Link

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The List: Castlevania Symphony of the Night – A Retrospective on Pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania(Part 2)

Castlevania NES Death Boss Fight

[list type=”arrow, square, plus, cross or check”] Part 1: “RPG Elements”, Metroid, and Personal History Part 2: A Retrospective on Pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania Part 3: Why Is Symphony of the Night So Good? Part 4: Real-Life Vampirism and Alucard [/list] We could call Symphony of the Night (or Akumajou…

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