Podcast #49 – Time Management?


Zach, Andrew Crawford, Thomas Henshell, and GameChurch City Mayor April-Lyn Caouette talk about time management. Will it be slow or fast paced? Topics include Diablo III, Doritos, Peter Jackson, The Abyss, a theology of leisure, rest, work, Minecraft, World of WarCraft, intensity, pay to win games, StarCraft II, match three…

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Sherlock and Jamestown – Monday Update Week of May 6th, 2013


Um yeah, so more things! Jamestown and Sherlock seem like a good combination (also, I am not here if you’re reading this). Jamestown – So, a bullet hell shooter by a Western developer. I’m not sure what to think of this situation; it’s just odd, and frankly weird, to play a…

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