The Art of Balance: Scriptural Evidences (Part 4)


Symmetry and Asymmetry (Part 1) Nerfs and Buffs (Part 2) Is Moderation Good or Bad? (Part 3) Scriptural Evidences (Part 4) Conclusions (Part 5) Seeing the References So, does any part of Scripture actually accord with the idea of “balance” or “a golden mean”? Curious, I decided to do some…

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Monday Update – To Youtube or Not to Youtube?!


Theology Gaming has, primarily, been a written enterprise. I like writing, trained myself for prose, and enjoy reading it a whole lot. That methodology tends to conflict with our “new media” mindset, even if it fits in line with traditional Protestant emphasis on Scripture reading. For a long time, then,…

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Christian History – The Reformation: Huldrych Zwingli and Boldness


Arising out of Biel’s theology of “earning grace” came a new kind of theology – one diametrically opposed to the prevailing paradigm of the time. Instead of appeals to God’s authority, appeals were made to God’s personality. Instead of His judgement, it appealed to his grace. Instead of a God of damnation, He…

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