Theology Gaming Monologues – Final Fantasy Tactics


Let’s talk about Yasumi Matsuno’s wonderful strategy RPG, somehow a Final Fantasy game…and possibly a lot about the use and abuse of history! Download Link iTunes Link

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Diablo Cast #50 – Heaven and Revelation


Episode 50! We made it! Sort of! Diablo related? Possibly! And we recorded this on 9.11, if you were curious… See, we’ve actually made more than fifty, but this is the one I’m calling 50 (not including TG Sessions, Soul to Soul, and other such things). So we talk about…

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Podcast #42 – Eschatology and Video Games?


Sure, why not? Eschatology is always fun…or incendiary…or everyone gets angry at each other! Not so here though. Listen to Zach, Ted, and Josh talk about it! Topics include The Last of Us, The Rapture, Tribulation, Left Behind, end times Bioshock, This Is The End, Revelation, interpretation, pineapple juice, Jesus,…

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