Podcast #85 – Emotions!?


Let’s talk about emotions! Or, more specifically, analyzing them correctly and acting on them in the right way. Topics include Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil lore (which we probably got wrong), Stealth Inc. 2, Shadownrun: Dragonfall, Metro: Last Light, Rare Replay, Buck Bumble, Donkey Kong 64, emotional health, Tembo The…

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Podcast #81 – E3 2015


So yeah, E3 was interesting this year. Zach, Cody, and Roberto talk way too much about it! Topics include Drakengard 3,  cavia, Yoko Taro, Horizons: Zero Dawn, Hitman, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue III,  Star Wars Battlefront, Doom, Nier 2, Forza Motorsport 6, Serious Sam, Fallout Shelter, Elder…

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