Podcast #65 – The Worst Games (Because Opposites Attract!)


Download Link ITunes Link Zach, Ted, Elijah, and Bryan talk about the worst games they’ve played (which mostly come down to expectation, but hey, who’s counting?). Then we go on super tangents for most of the podcast! Topics include A Christmas Story, Assassin’s Creed III, Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness,…

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TG Sessions #9 – Cheapness (I.e., You’re Not Special)


Download Link Subscribe via this iTunes Link! Zach and Nathan Marchand discuss: what is cheapness? How do we determine what’s fair and unfair in single-player and multiplayer games? We prattle on about Gameshark, Pokemon, Contra, Batman: Arkham Origins, Grand Theft Auto, lag switching, camping, spawn points, Call of Duty, Starcraft, Virtua…

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Podcast #44 – Spiritual Formation in Video Games


Zach, Ted, and Josh talk about how they got into video games, and how that affected their faith, or spiritual formation. Sounds boring? Well, you’d be wrong! Topics include indie games, Call of Duty, Bally Astrocade, Atari, Super Noah’s Ark 3D, multiplayer co-op, Double Dragon, showing through dialogue, testimony, Star…

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TG Sessions #6 – Depictions of Faith in Popular Media


A pompous sounding title for a down-to-earth discussion. Join Zach and Eric Anderson as we talk about how Christians should approach media from non-Christian sources and also how to deal with faith in general when seen in different contexts. Subjects include Under the Dome, Crossbones, Christianity in Hollywood, Noah, LOST,…

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