Podcast #75 – The End of Konami?

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With the recent Kojima/Konami controversy, is this the end for a once-beloved video game company? Roberto, David, Elijah, and Justin have a rambling conversation about it! Download Link iTunes Link Topics include Anarchy Reigns, Planetside 2, competitive multiplayer, Gears of Wars, Black Ops 3, Superbabies, Naughty Bear, Five Nights At…

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Podcast #66 – Artistry in Game Invasion (Kind Of)!

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Download Link iTunes Link Artistry in Games invades Theology Gaming’s podcast! Oh no! Well, less incendiary than I make it sounds, but this has to be the biggest, most rambly podcast ever. The topics technically are Game Length and Games You Like That Nobody Else Does, Topics include Gears of…

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