Podcast #36 – Resurrection-Cast 2014!


He Is Risen! Listen to us ramble on about the Resurrection cogently, and subsequently fail to talk about video games in relation to it! Or maybe we did better than we thought? Topics include (other than the obvious) PAX East, Easter’s origins, Dark Souls (yet again!), Acts 2 (Peter’s first…

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PAXtravaganza 2014!: Galak-Z – The Dimensional


Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 I’ve got a penchant for shooters. No, not “first person shooters”, just shooters in the traditional arcade sense. They’re not my favorite genre due to lack of…

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Christmas BethleCon (and/or the Nativity)


Have you been to ComicCon? How about GenCon, DragonCon, or Pax East? I experienced a Christmas event that reminded me of such experiences, but it wasn’t the Christmas Comic Con held in Windsor, Ontario. With all the running and craziness going on around Christmas, I hope you find time to…

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Monday Update – Theology Gaming Anniversary Edition

Theology Gaming Logo

ANNIVERSARY Wow, I totally forgot that Theology Gaming celebrated its One Year Anniversary(TM) last week! Wow, does time go fast! So what exactly do I say? Well, it’s been quite a long road. I made a commitment at the beginning that I would post one long-form essay a day, and…

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