Podcast #94 – Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift

Zach, Brandon, and new guest Jon Rendall ask themselves three questions about virtual reality: Can we escape reality through video games? When will it become so real that we can’t tell the difference (Matrix-level spooky)? When will the wow-factor wear off? Topics include Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, Super…

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Podcast #78 – Witcher Booty


No, not that kind. Horse butts. That’s what I mean. So, about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt…how much sex is really in this thing? How about sex in video games in general? So what should Christians do about it? Zach, Ted, Bryan, and Justin talk about it! Topics include soul…

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Podcast #36 – Resurrection-Cast 2014!


He Is Risen! Listen to us ramble on about the Resurrection cogently, and subsequently fail to talk about video games in relation to it! Or maybe we did better than we thought? Topics include (other than the obvious) PAX East, Easter’s origins, Dark Souls (yet again!), Acts 2 (Peter’s first…

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