Podcast #97 – “Christian” as a Genre


Is “Christian” a genre? Let Zach, Bryan, and Brandon talk (and ramble) about it! Topics include World of WarCraft, Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, pledging allegiance, POLITICS, metal, country, No Man’s Sky, Fireproof, Ben Hur, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Noah, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Symphony of…

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Podcast #53 – Favorite Games All Over the Place


Zach, Michael, and Johnathan talk about a whole lot of things. Many things. And our favorite games! Topics include New 3DS, Smash Bros., Blood Moon Prophecy, pan-millenialism, Left Behind, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Puzzle and Dragons, God’s Not Dead, Noah, Exodus, A Link Between Worlds, Diablo III, Dragon’s Crown, Destiny,…

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TG Sessions #6 – Depictions of Faith in Popular Media


A pompous sounding title for a down-to-earth discussion. Join Zach and Eric Anderson as we talk about how Christians should approach media from non-Christian sources and also how to deal with faith in general when seen in different contexts. Subjects include Under the Dome, Crossbones, Christianity in Hollywood, Noah, LOST,…

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Why Are Christian Games Bad?: A Dialogue


Editor’s Note: So we had a conversation about the topic, and here’s what happened. I should note that Jay Tholen is the lead designer-developer of Dropsy, not mentioned in this conversation but certainly relevant. As well, Caleb Miller has not written/been involved in Theology Gaming in any official capacity, but his…

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