The List: Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII Part 3 – Playing Nice With Others

Lu Bu Dynasty Warriors 8

Part 1 – Nobunaga’s Ambition and a Short History of Koei Part 2 – You Can’t Know Everything Part 3 – Playing Nice With Others The defining experience, at least from my personal view, comes from the multiplayer component. Most Koei strategy games released in the West, as ports of personal computer…

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Ridge Racer, Arcade Racers and Suspension of Disbelief

Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast Screenshot

Going to GameStop recently provided a strange experience. I’ve been scoping all my local stores for used game deals. Now, I’m not one to prefer used games in any sense, especially when some mysterious goo (EW EW YOU HAVE NO IDEA) appears on one case/disc or another. Honestly, recent GameStop…

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