Podcast #97 – “Christian” as a Genre


Is “Christian” a genre? Let Zach, Bryan, and Brandon talk (and ramble) about it! Topics include World of WarCraft, Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, pledging allegiance, POLITICS, metal, country, No Man’s Sky, Fireproof, Ben Hur, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Noah, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Symphony of…

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Podcast #69 – Free to Play Butterly Vomit


Download Link iTunes Link We talk about a lot of things…also about bad decisions we made in our lives, including free to play purchases and butterfly vomit! Other topics include Sling TV, Xbox One, Sniper Elite, Naughty Bear, Republic Commando, Phantom Menace, Star Wars Battlefront, Hearthstone, Candy Crush Saga, Runescape,…

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Podcast #60 – Do You Play Video Games?


Podcast 60 The question “Do you play video games?” was much easier 20 years ago!  With such variety and difference in video games, how does one answer that anymore? In this podcast, Zach, Josh, and Nelson from Video Games and the Bible discuss this and a whole lot of stuff!…

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Podcast #57 – Mechanical Messages and Worship Songs


Podcast #57 So we talk in dichotomies this week – worship songs conveying meaning through musical progression and how games can convey meaning via mechanics – mechanical theming, in other words. They are similar, yet different! Topics include John Mark MacMillan, Banner Saga, Gears of War, Sim City, Minecraft, Halo,…

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Podcast #49 – Time Management?


Zach, Andrew Crawford, Thomas Henshell, and GameChurch City Mayor April-Lyn Caouette talk about time management. Will it be slow or fast paced? Topics include Diablo III, Doritos, Peter Jackson, The Abyss, a theology of leisure, rest, work, Minecraft, World of WarCraft, intensity, pay to win games, StarCraft II, match three…

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