Theology Gaming Monologues – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Why do I like Symphony of the Night more than Super Metroid? What blasphemy! Listen to my miserable pile of secrets as I regale you about it! Download Link iTunes Link

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Review: Metroid – Other M (**** stars) Part 1


How much should someone’s preconceptions of a particular franchise and its media decide its critical status? If anything, this is the primary question of Metroid: Other M. To call fan reaction to this experimental joint anything but “mixed” certainly expresses something on the part of the speaker rather than the game.

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SNES Collection (Missing Super Mario World)


What do you write about post-Christmas? Well, nothing! You play games, duh, So I made one of those collection videos. I know, I know, I sold out and all that jazz. Somehow, I also missed Super Mario World, seeing as it’s actually inside the SNES system itself. So it’s a…

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Review: Bunny Must Die – Chelsea and the 7 Devils (**** stars)

Bunny Must Die

NOTE: This game is strange, weird, difficult, and the aesthetic probably turns lots of people off right from the start. As such, only Zachery Oliver will participate in this particular review. Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils defines the “cult” classic. Originally conceived and released by Japanese indie…

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