Monday Update – Person of Interest


Person of Interest begins, surprisingly, as a standard police procedural in the grand tradition of television police procedurals. If you’ve ever watched a cop show on America television, or one which deals with the legal system (hello Law & Order and one of your millions of subbrands!), then you might have…

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Monday Update – Long Overdue Movie Roundup

The Search for General Tso

Apparently, I’ve neglected my duties as an amateur film reviewer over the past two to three weeks or so. That doesn’t mean I ignored film; on the contrary, I viewed many interesting ones. Sometimes, you just run out of time. In an effort to rectify this, we’ll do some rather…

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Monday Update – Week of November 26th, 2012

Welcome to Monday Update, where I tend to prattle on about subjects that may or may not interest you in any way. The Grey – Is this, like, Liam Neeson’s thing now? Violent movies with death and killing, either by his hand or someone/something else? Fundamentally, The Grey fits within two…

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