Podcast #42 – Eschatology and Video Games?


Sure, why not? Eschatology is always fun…or incendiary…or everyone gets angry at each other! Not so here though. Listen to Zach, Ted, and Josh talk about it! Topics include The Last of Us, The Rapture, Tribulation, Left Behind, end times Bioshock, This Is The End, Revelation, interpretation, pineapple juice, Jesus,…

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Darkstalkers and Resurrection


I like me some Darkstalkers, enough to type this sentence wrongly (and even that adverb at the end was incorrect, so you know I’m serious). I’m not sure what appealed to my younger sensibilities. After all, I’d call myself a person prone to jump scares, monsters, demons, etc., of any…

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Review: Chrono Trigger (**** stars)

TL;DR – Chrono Trigger was, and is, a fantastic and well-crafted Japanese role-playing experience. With the expertise and craft of Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yuji Horii at the helm, two luminaries of Japanese RPG design, each complements the other’s weaknesses, creating something wholly other from their main franchises. The story and…

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