Tragedy, Farce, and a Trial: A Literary Analysis of The Trial of God (Part 9)


Part 8 In the case of The Trial of God, a significant relation with The Sonderberg Case becomes apparent. Yedidyah, in describing Werner Sonderberg, says “…was he annoyed by the prosecutor’s accusations, as though the magistrate were speaking not about him, Werner, but about someone who had usurped his identity…

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Theology 101 – The Holy Spirit and Charismatic Theology

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a complicated, confusing subject with a lot of varying opinions as to its existence, effects, and efficacy (hurray for alliteration!). Zach and Michael go from history lessons to charismatic ideas to how we disagree and agree on a tense, somewhat contentious subject. Topics include Judaism, Apostle’s…

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Podcast #39 – Incarnational Local Multiplayer Madness


Local multiplayer is back! So is it a good thing? We talk about our favorite colors (mauve, green, fuchsia, and taupe), couch co-op versus LAN parties versus Xbox System Link, Smash Bros. Enter the Nate, Goldeneye, Hearthstone, Perfect Dark, Space Team, Rubber Nipple Salesman, Bop It!, Simon, The Omega Virus, The Legend of Zelda:…

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Christian History: Neo-Orthodoxy – Soren Kierkegaard


Last time, we talked of the “modern” liberals who sought to reform Christianity in their own image. Naturally, a response would arise, but not one out of the common mold. Rather, Christian orthodoxy found reassurance in a “new” orthodoxy, one that reacted heavily against the primarily scientific/rational version of Christianity…

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A (Very Long) Note on Ludonarrative Dissonance Part 2: Stories As Vehicles of Truth


Part 1 Here. Please read it or this will not make much sense! Rather, imagination awakens the mind to some delightful wonders. I like crazy video games; like the natural world, they offer new wonders and new beginnings every day. To force myself into a preconceived mold only means I…

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