Monday Update – Person of Interest


Person of Interest begins, surprisingly, as a standard police procedural in the grand tradition of television police procedurals. If you’ve ever watched a cop show on America television, or one which deals with the legal system (hello Law & Order and one of your millions of subbrands!), then you might have…

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Video Games as a Business – A Proper Theology of Money (Part 1)


Read the First Four Parts! And Here is Part 4! And Five! And Six! I would imagine the majority of Christians do not make a clear cleavage between business and money – to them, the end itself remains the sole purpose of the means, and one cannot extricate business from money.…

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The Mark of Maturity (and Other Myths)


Relevant Magazine seems to be one of those Christian outlets to appeal to “young adults” who are “seeking” to become “more mature”, although I think advice derived from a magazine seems highly tendentious from the outset. That whole concept brings with it certain cultural and social norms of “maturity”, and…

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