Video Games, Art, and Objective Standards – Judging Video Games as “Art” (2)

I Need Scissors! 61!

Video Games, Art, and Objective Standards is an exhaustive look at video games, the ambiguities of art, and how they come to rest on objective standards – though maybe not in the way you were thinking. This series intends to show video games are a unique medium that deserves a…

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The List: Secret of Mana (Part 1)

Apparently, Mana has become relevant again in the mainstream press, but I already had the ideas written down, so here they are! You can call it “Fall of Seiken Densetsu Part 4 and 5 if you’d like (and you should read those too, if you haven’t). Surprise, surprise! Bet you didn’t expect…

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Violence and Video Games (Part 1)

The approach Naughty Dog has adopted for The Last of Us sets the game apart from its predecessors, but it isn’t alone in its style. A surprising number of games on the horizon seem to have latched onto a similar philosophy of lending gravity to the violence so casually integrated…

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