Podcast #96 – Discernment Is Broken


Let’s talk about discernment and discerning content in video games! Simple, but complex… Topics include Christian schools and communities, heavy metal, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Mass Effect, Fox News, PluggedIn, The Hateful Eight, legalism, Killer Is Dead, The Last of Us, Spec Ops: The Line, Hotline Miami, Grand Theft Auto V,…

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Podcast #42 – Eschatology and Video Games?


Sure, why not? Eschatology is always fun…or incendiary…or everyone gets angry at each other! Not so here though. Listen to Zach, Ted, and Josh talk about it! Topics include The Last of Us, The Rapture, Tribulation, Left Behind, end times Bioshock, This Is The End, Revelation, interpretation, pineapple juice, Jesus,…

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