The Mark of Maturity (and Other Myths)


Relevant Magazine seems to be one of those Christian outlets to appeal to “young adults” who are “seeking” to become “more mature”, although I think advice derived from a magazine seems highly tendentious from the outset. That whole concept brings with it certain cultural and social norms of “maturity”, and…

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Christian History – The Reformation: What Was the Point?


I’ve talked much about the Reformation in the past few weeks. So, what exactly did they not like? Why do we find their thought so…out-dated, to put it bluntly? To admit my own fault: I did not know that “Reformed” fit into a denomination; I merely figured that all Protestants…

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Durummu and Scapegoating in Raid Finder


In Leviticus, Aaron’s two sons die for merely approaching the Tabernacle at all; the location was simply too holy to be tread upon without any purification. However, there’s another reason why this occurs: even the priests of the Temple (the Levitical priesthood, anyway) were not safe from the taint of…

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Narrative Versus Conquest – Video Games and Conflict

From “Blazblue and Engagement“: M. Joshua Cauller: I’m gonna have to disagree with you on a point. You say that video games aren’t about narrative. But that they’re about challenge and growing skill sets. That’s certainly true for many games. Let’s just say for the point of discussion, half. On…

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