Podcast #90 – Game We Bought And Played (And Didn’t Play)


Zach and Ted talk about games they bought last year, and whether they played them or not! Topics include Dariusburst Chronicles Saviours, Raiden, Monument Valley, Killer Is Dead, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Hitman GO, Sniper Elite, Ghost Recon, Fallout 4, Eternal Sonata,…

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Review: Freedom Planet (**** stars) Part 2 – Negatives


With that said, GalaxyTrail apes their inspiration a little too closely to hit a level of perfection. As the game goes on…and on…and on (seriously, the last stage never ends), they begin to throw Sonic-like obstacle courses and puzzle solving into the mix, killing that sense of speed that enthralled…

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Podcast #89 – The ESRB


What of the Entertainment Software Review Board? Zach, Ted, and Michael Morejon (of Geeks Under Grace) talk about whether this is actually a useful organization! Topics include the ESRB, Uncharted, Rocket League, soccer (futbol?), The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, Sonic the Hedgehog, No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy, Fallout 4, PS4, Shovel…

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Theology Gaming’s Best of 2014

Best In Show

Here is our best of for the year 2014. Enjoy! (or listen to our podcast!) Best Game That Is Resident Evil 4 – The Evil Within Best Slicing-Dudes-Like-Butter Game – Strider Best HD Re-release That Is Full Price – Halo: Master Chief Collection Most Ironic Title For A Game People…

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