Podcast #77 – “Christian” Games


What makes a Christian game? Zach, Bryan, Justin, and Clauson talk about it! Race the Sun, Rez, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Ground Zeroes, Peace Walker, Destiny, PS Vita, PS TV, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IX’s awful BradyGames Guide, Clash of Clans,…

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Podcast #17 – SEX WEEK Reflections


  So we wrote a lot about SEX this WEEK. So this podcast’s rather short, other than the recording problem and tight scheduling we brushed against rather vigorously! But you know what? That’s a bit of a misnomer. The root subject, let’s be honest, was intimacy, and how our culture lacks…

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Counterpoint: Why I Love JRPGs

It’s difficult to imagine my life without JRPGs – both my love for video games and my development as a Christian stem from them. Being a console gamer in my youth, there weren’t many choices for games other than platformer X or action game Y. That’s not to say that…

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Point: Why I Hate JRPGs

Dragon Warrior ruined JRPGs for me My friend brought over this NES game called Dragon Warrior. The title immediately grabbed me. Dragons? Sweet! Warriors? YES! Then I played the game. All my hopes were dashed. Where is my sword-slash button? No jump? Not even a spell button? What is this trash!?! This…

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