Through a Glass Darkly in Video Games

One of the things that I think most kids talk about when it comes to video games isn’t what the game actually presents. Rather, their inability to distinguish between imagination and reality turns said video games into something wonderful and exciting. You know what I mean if you grew up…

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Chrono Trigger Book Club #1 – TG Sessions

Bryan Hall has never played Chrono Trigger in its entirety. We intend to change that! Inspired by GameChurch’s playthrough, we’ve decided to do our own. Feel free to join us! We talking about the battle system (specifically Active Time Battle), whip-smart pacing, “fun”, light-hearted plot (even in the midst of…

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Podcast #8 – ReElise

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  Justin Fox tells us about his Christian RPG ReElise, a fascinating project of Biblical proportions (or maybe that’s just hyperbole). Get into the theological workings of his mind and the mechanics of the game (and his favorite games). Much talk about Ys Book 1 +2, Lords of Thunder, Final…

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