Podcast #80 – Praying FAST


The title is intentionally ironic, if you were curious. This was something of a disaster in the recording department, and it’s for our first theology-heavy podcast in a while. Hear Cody, Justin, Ted, and myself talk a whole lot about a ton of topics (but especially Justin talking about his…

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Leviathan (Part 2)


LEVIATHAN AND THE HEBREW BIBLE No study of Ancient near eastern creation mythology/symbology would be complete without the Hebrew Bible. Leviathan itself is called as such in the following five passages within every English translation. Surely, the word used in these contexts is not always “לִוְיָתָן” or, transliterated, “Livyatan”, but…

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Diablo Cast #50 – Heaven and Revelation


Episode 50! We made it! Sort of! Diablo related? Possibly! And we recorded this on 9.11, if you were curious… See, we’ve actually made more than fifty, but this is the one I’m calling 50 (not including TG Sessions, Soul to Soul, and other such things). So we talk about…

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