E3 2015 – “Coming in 2016”


If you watched any of the Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference circuit this year, you may have seen a certain phrase bandied about by nearly every single trailer of any interest or note: Coming in 2016 By no means do I mean to lump precisely every game in this category;…

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Podcast #6 – Dan Echo and the Business Side of Games

Theology Gaming Podcast Logo

Dan “Echo” Burch knows his business. A longtime journalist, now producer at Mugen Studios, hear him talk about the cost of promotion, how not to do things, and the travails of entrepreneurship and making games…the dark side, if you will! Since the website doesn’t give you much indication, I thought…

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Square-Enix and Danger of an Emotional Fanbase

Continuing E3 coverage! Kidding. I’m just looking for hits! Anyway… I’ve always found Final Fantasy XI to be a bit of an odd game. I had played World of Warcraft before I had ever touched it. Knowing the pedigree of the series, I figured that its system would, at the…

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A Celebration for the Death of the Last Guardian and Presumptions of Greatness

Well, E3 came and went. So here’s some E3 coverage, for all you news mavens. I must be the only person in the entire world of gaming who have absolute zero love for Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. I’m not sure what it is. Frankly, the games Team ICO…

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