Video Games as a Business – A Proper Theology of Money (Part 1)


Read the First Four Parts! And Here is Part 4! And Five! And Six! I would imagine the majority of Christians do not make a clear cleavage between business and money – to them, the end itself remains the sole purpose of the means, and one cannot extricate business from money.…

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Future Nostalgia


I had a conversation on the GameChurch City about our possible Game of the Year for 2013. As usual, my picks aren’t in the mainstream of public opinion, but since when did they ever fit there? I picked Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and/or Ducktales: Remastered, and though I rated the…

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The List: Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII Part 2 – You Can’t Know Everything

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII Battle

Part 1 – Nobunaga’s Ambition and a Short History of Koei Part 2 – You Can’t Know Everything Part 3 – Playing Nice With Others For whatever reason, Nobunaga’s Ambition received exactly three releases in the West before disappearing entirely from Koei’s localization roundup. The first game, obviously, found ports to every…

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