Podcast #72 – One in a Mijinion


Roberto Iraheta, Nathan, and Zach plumb the depth of the sea and solve a mystery that has plagued our generation for years: what in the blue blazes IS an Infinity Mijinion?! As such, expect lots of Mega Man talk, with such title as Maverick Hunter X, Mega Man Network Transmission,…

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Soul to Soul: Dark Souls Argyle Gargoyle


Soul to Soul returns, with Ted Loring beginning a game of Dark Souls! Topics include (obviously) Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Gargoyles, The Legend of Zelda, Solaire, Lautrec, Hellkite Drake, Monster Hunter, argyle, grinding, strategies, design, fariness and a host of other topics related to Dark Souls (including…

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Podcast #39 – Incarnational Local Multiplayer Madness


Local multiplayer is back! So is it a good thing? We talk about our favorite colors (mauve, green, fuchsia, and taupe), couch co-op versus LAN parties versus Xbox System Link, Smash Bros. Enter the Nate, Goldeneye, Hearthstone, Perfect Dark, Space Team, Rubber Nipple Salesman, Bop It!, Simon, The Omega Virus, The Legend of Zelda:…

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