Podcast #91 – Uncomfortable


Download Link iTunes Link Let’s talk about being super uncomfortable with things! Zach and Brandon Z (or BrandonBall Z, which seems more accurate) ramble on about a bunch of stuff! Topics include Long Live the Queen, Dead Space, Madden, Mushihimesama, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, theology, Ezekiel,…

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Podcast #71 – Holy Week Gaming


Download Link ITunes Link M. Joshua Cauller returns to host! Zach, Ted, and Elijah talk about Holy Week and the exciting developments in the video game ministry sector! Topics include Passover, ritual, God of War, Dead Space, Fist of Jesus, Journey, Assassin’s Creed, World of WarCraft, Okami, Oblitus, vocation, Soma…

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Podcast #67 – Evil War Gondolas

Download Link ITunes Link Zach, Ted, Elijah, Jonathan Clauson, and Eric Anderson talk about lots of stuff! Specifically, games you thought you were going to hate that you love, and whether or not evil in games is actually done well. Topics include Dr. Who, Sniper Elite, Knights of the Old…

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Podcast #66 – Artistry in Game Invasion (Kind Of)!

artistry in games logo

Download Link iTunes Link Artistry in Games invades Theology Gaming’s podcast! Oh no! Well, less incendiary than I make it sounds, but this has to be the biggest, most rambly podcast ever. The topics technically are Game Length and Games You Like That Nobody Else Does, Topics include Gears of…

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