Monday Update – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a convoluted title for a really convoluted, strangely made superhero film that feels like the product of studio meddling, a poorly-executed script, and someone being a tryhard. And yet, despite all these aspects really bringing down the entire experience, I can’t say the…

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Batman, Bonhoeffer, and Respecting Authority

Batman Arkham Origins

“I feel weird fighting cops.” I’ve been thinking that a lot in the last few months while playing Batman: Arkham Origins. Since this game takes place early in the Dark Knight’s career, he’s yet to make any allies in his war on crime, let alone any in the Gotham City…

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Podcast #18 – Eric Anderson and the Nerd Chapel

Theology Gaming Podcast Logo

  Eric Anderson (who has written for Theology Gaming, and even participated in a podcast already) gets the interview treatment for his own ministry, Nerd Chapel. Topics range from board game culture, Pogs, Risk, First Priority of America, Christian Education as a field, Croatia, missions, A Christian Ministry in the National Parks,…

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Monday Update – Week of August 20th, 2012

Or, we can call it “The Batman Update”, I don’t care either way. NOTE: Spoilers ahead. The Dark Knight Rises – It was a great idea, but it was a bad movie. Allow me to elaborate. Having watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight right before seeing it, I knew…

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