Best Theology Video Games of 2015

We hate it when Christians dismiss video games for “being ungodly.” So we made this Game Of The Year List to focus on the good and redemptive qualities within games (and have a little fun with the GOTY awards in the process). We hope this fills-in some blanks on games you may have missed.…

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42: Discovering Faith Through Fandom – The TG Interview

Editor’s Note: Bryan Hall (of JohnnyBGamer fame, and Theology Gaming University Community Manager infamy) interviewed Eric Anderson and Nathan Marchand about their recently release book 42: Discovering Faith Through Fandom. Rather than prattle on about how it’s a devotional for the “fandom” demographic or whatnot, I’m going to let Bryan…

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Augustine Versus Paganism (Part 2)


Part 1 With this knowledge at hand, Augustine’s argument against the pagans is easier to decipher. First, the empire becoming Christian was, in fact, a violation of the natural order. At least from their view, one God did not exclusively rule the universe – assuming that one did would be…

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