Monday Update – Savant: Ascent

Savant Ascent

Savant: Ascent lies in that style of game that I would call the “Robotron shooter”. For those who don’t remember Robotron: 2084, this two-dimensional shooter involves shooting dozens and dozens of evil robots that came in increasingly larger waves. You can move freely around the space provided, but touching an…

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Podcast #14 – The Travails of Kickstarter with Dropsy and Stasis Concerto

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So what do you want to know about Kickstarter? How to start one? Why a person needs it? Why private equity or investment isn’t allowed? Or why indie developers choose to avoid private backers? How do Christians navigate such a world. Both my guest have a wonderful idea for a…

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Sherlock and Jamestown – Monday Update Week of May 6th, 2013


Um yeah, so more things! Jamestown and Sherlock seem like a good combination (also, I am not here if you’re reading this). Jamestown – So, a bullet hell shooter by a Western developer. I’m not sure what to think of this situation; it’s just odd, and frankly weird, to play a…

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The Japanese Style (Part 1)

I’m a fan of the Japanese style of video games. Though surely, to some degree, influence by Western culture and its social mores, Japanese developers still have a slew of unique characteristics that Western culture either doesn’t understand or totally rejects. You only need to see what happened to the…

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I Die Daily – “Cheap” and “Unfair” Games

If games should reflect real life in terms of consequences – and, from my perspective, it’s essential that it does give us consequences in a real, rather than narrative, sense – then there must be problems presented to the player in a game. This, however, brings us to a new discussion – how do…

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