TG Sessions #9 – Cheapness (I.e., You’re Not Special)


Download Link Subscribe via this iTunes Link! Zach and Nathan Marchand discuss: what is cheapness? How do we determine what’s fair and unfair in single-player and multiplayer games? We prattle on about Gameshark, Pokemon, Contra, Batman: Arkham Origins, Grand Theft Auto, lag switching, camping, spawn points, Call of Duty, Starcraft, Virtua…

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Blazblue and the Importance of Brevity


Arc System Works makes great fighting games. To anyone familiar with the genre, that’s no surprise; the company kept making two dimensional fighting games long after they went out of vogue, and even after they lost the license (temporarily) to their flagship series, Guilty Gear. Because of this, they created…

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Podcast #32 – Anime Crocodile Tears: Fighting Games and Shameless Promotion

Mirai Nikki - 19 - Large 01

The two topics are sorta related? But not quite? Today, Zach, Justin, Pat, and new guest Ian Rosser talk about fighting games from a billion different angles, and also shamelessly self-promote our various projects and stuff we are doing! ALSO RAPPING Topics include Tee Church, 1 Kings 18,  MirageTheRapper (along with…

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