E3 2015 – “Coming in 2016”


If you watched any of the Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference circuit this year, you may have seen a certain phrase bandied about by nearly every single trailer of any interest or note: Coming in 2016 By no means do I mean to lump precisely every game in this category;…

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Podcast #48 – Improvised Lightning (Sarkeesian) Round!


Zach, Michael Jones, Eric Anderson, Justin Fox (and his wife Lauren), and Matt Eyler talk about why they play games, and Anita Sarkeesian. Confused? So was I, but we come up with things on the fly, like the Lightning Round! Each person gets five minutes to talk about video games…

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Diablo Cast #47


So why are a bunch of Christians dudes playing Diablo? Find out! Topics include (duh) why are we playing Diablo, Manichaeism, World of WarCraft, Diablo II, meat sacrificed to idols, Gauntlet, Reaper of Souls, desensitized to violence, Demon Hunter, Anita Sarkeesian, Forced, swatting, Mortal Kombat announcer, Red Dead Redemption, Shadows…

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News for Xbox One Launch Week

This week, the Xbox One releases. And while you fancypants early adopters are making weird faces at zoo animals, I’ll be playing my Jewish adventure game about suffering. 1. Shivah: Kosher Edition Launches Thursday! Play as a rabbi who lacks the funds to keep his synagogue open. Embrace his inner…

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Podcast #14 – The Travails of Kickstarter with Dropsy and Stasis Concerto

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So what do you want to know about Kickstarter? How to start one? Why a person needs it? Why private equity or investment isn’t allowed? Or why indie developers choose to avoid private backers? How do Christians navigate such a world. Both my guest have a wonderful idea for a…

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