Video Games, Art, and Objective Standards – Understanding The “Live” Creature

Art as Experience Dewey

Video Games, Art, and Objective Standards is an exhaustive look at video games, the ambiguities of art, and how they come to rest on objective standards – though maybe not in the way you were thinking. This series intends to show video games are a unique medium that deserves a…

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Cave Story and Individual Creativity

I think I’ll take a break from all Mana, all the time for today. Sorry about the bouncing around of scheduling and the like, but I will finish this Mana series if it kills me and get that List entry out. However, something pressing and interesting came up, and I…

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The Greeting

I am Zachery Oliver, and welcome to Theology Gaming, a hopefully informative and interesting take on video games, theology, and entertainment! Throughout my life, a variety of media have been essential in shaping my bizarre skill-set. I have a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Boston University for example. What…

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