Theology Gaming Monologues – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Why do I like Symphony of the Night more than Super Metroid? What blasphemy! Listen to my miserable pile of secrets as I regale you about it! Download Link iTunes Link

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The List: Castlevania Symphony of the Night – A Retrospective on Pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania(Part 2)

Castlevania NES Death Boss Fight

[list type=”arrow, square, plus, cross or check”] Part 1: “RPG Elements”, Metroid, and Personal History Part 2: A Retrospective on Pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania Part 3: Why Is Symphony of the Night So Good? Part 4: Real-Life Vampirism and Alucard [/list] We could call Symphony of the Night (or Akumajou…

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Game Music Saturdays – Perfect Selection Dracula

Dracula Perfect Selection, in the view of just about everyone who’s ever had the pleasure of listening to the abomination, may be the worst video game music arrange album in history. Who really knows what they were thinking, or even the thought process behind its creation. Alas, it has taken…

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