Theology Gaming Monologues – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Why do I like Symphony of the Night more than Super Metroid? What blasphemy! Listen to my miserable pile of secrets as I regale you about it! Download Link iTunes Link

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Video Games as a Business – A Proper Theology of Money (Part 1)


Read the First Four Parts! And Here is Part 4! And Five! And Six! I would imagine the majority of Christians do not make a clear cleavage between business and money – to them, the end itself remains the sole purpose of the means, and one cannot extricate business from money.…

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Review: Fortune Street (***** stars)

Fortune Street Logo

I want to tell you something about Fortune Street. Fortune Street says it’s ok to want money and to desire funds to make more money. Also, it inspires you to screw over your family members and/or friends by turning into a capitalist pig. It’s interesting playing the game with a…

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The List: Castlevania Symphony of the Night – Real-Life Vampirism and Alucard (Part 4)


[list type=”arrow, square, plus, cross or check”] Part 1: “RPG Elements”, Metroid, and Personal History Part 2: A Retrospective on Pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania Part 3: Why Is Symphony of the Night So Good? Part 4: Real-Life Vampirism and Alucard [/list] I remember finally buying the game some time in…

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